The Apollo casket vault are made through a process called rotational molding, which makes a strong double-walled construction.  There is a lot of handwork throughout the process, from initially hand-carving in clay to hand painted details.

There are two models: Classic and Regal.  Roomy caskets in a standard sized vault, with the classic smaller than the Regal.

Classic Specifications and Features
•  Weighs approx. 150 pounds
•  Interior dimensions:  26 1/2” wide and 75 1/2” long
•  Exterior dimensions: 33 1/4” width, 22 1/2” height, 82 3/4” length

•  Gasketed

•  Adjustable bed and foot panel

•  Fits in a standard van

Regal Specifications and Features

•  Weighs approx. 220 pounds
•  Interior dimensions: 28” wide and 6’6” long
•  Exterior dimensions: 34” width, 32 3/8” height, 89 ¼” length

•  Gasketed

•  Adjustable bed and foot panel

•  Fits in a standard coach (hearse)


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